Pycon Israel 2021

Adam Hopkins

“Liberate your API: Building a task manager inside Sanic”

Adam Kariv

“Geographic Data - an Introductory Tale”

Alon Gal

“Resumable persistent functions in Python: how to build a chatbot the fun way”

Ari Bornstein

“Deep Learning, Minus the Boilerplate with PyTorch Lightning”

Asaf Sarid

“Cutting the Right Corners: Handling High Cardinality by Understanding Your Data”

Assaf Klein

“Enabling Super Fast DS Research using AutoML”

Avi Naftalis

“Novel approach of collecting and analyzing data from PyTest with Elasticsearch”

Bat-El Ziony Sabati

“Python’s Frontend - Not what you would think”

Benjy Weinberger

“Python monorepos: what, why and how”

Chai Tadmor

“FastAPI: The most modern Python3 web framework”

David Melamed

“Building a Secure Python Cloud Application from scratch”

Dean Langsam

“"Clippy" for Python - Let's build a real-time code companion by hooking over any function.”

Drausin Wulsin

“Reprogramming immunity with AI and single-cell multiomics”

Eyal Trabelsi

“Practical Optimisation for Pandas”

Gal Ben David

“Leaving Celery in the Dust: How to truly scale in production”

Gal Braun

“Malware Representation Using Graphs”

Gal Hochma

“Short Text in the Wild”

Haki Benita

“Practical Advice for Using Mypy”

Hanan Shteingart

“Causality in Python”

Hila Weisman-Zohar

“Enabling Super Fast DS Research using AutoML”

Hodaya Stern

“Be a Pythonista: Coding and Life Lessons Learned from Python”

Jacob Barhak

“Tutorial: Using Python HoloViz Technologies to Create Interactive Presentations”

James A. Bednar

“Tutorial: Using Python HoloViz Technologies to Create Interactive Presentations”

Jonathan Laserson

“Automatic Curation of Test sets”

Lior Segev

“How to Test Microservices”

Luka Androjna

“Methods for Effective Online Testing in Python”

Marina Shvartz

“Testing stochastic AI models with hypothesis”

Meir Vengrover

“Python - the golden bridge between algorithm and software development”

Naomi Kriger

“String Comparison In Real Life - Challenges and Various Ways to Resolve Them”

Nathalie Hauser

“Model-Agnostic Interpretation - Beyond Shap and Lime”

Nikolay Grishchenko

“Serverless Python”

Nir Barazida

“Set your EDA on Autopilot”

Noa Lubin

“Harnessing Data to Improve Healthcare”

Noam Elfanbaum

“Hello Airflow, farewell Cron jobs”

Nofar Betzalel

“Prepare for the Unknown - Adjust Your Model to Label Distribution Shifts”

Noy Nakash

“Novel approach of collecting and analyzing data from PyTest with Elasticsearch”

Or Ben-Zeev

“Python code in an object store, Go fast to production and don't break things”

Or Weis

“Python RPC and PubSub over Websockets”

Oren Matar

“Beyond Time Complexity – NumPy, Pandas and vanilla python optimization tricks you must try” | “Opening the black box – an interpretable neural network architecture”

Orr Shilon

“A Feature Store - what is it good for?”

Pavel Rogovoy

“Versioning 1.0.1”

Peter Kogan

“Go Beyond Mock: on Mocks, Stubs and Fakes”

Rachel Chocron

“Application State Management”

Reuven Lerner

“When is an exception not an exception? Using warnings in Python” | “Avoiding memory leaks with "weakref"”

Roee Drucker

“Lock and roll - Advanced locks debugging with GDB”

Ron Shilo

“Versioning 1.0.1”

Ronnie Sheer

“OWASP Top 10 in 20: Application Security for the average Pythonista”

Stav Shemesh

“What’s Everyone Talking About? Discovering Topics with Sentence-BERT”

Tal Franji

“Genomic data - cost-effective scaling in the cloud”

Uri Goren

“Natural language grounding - the next frontier”

Uri Yanover

“War stories: when data doesn't (easily) fit in memory”

Yael Green

“WebSockets and Flask for the real world”

Yair beer

“Python bottleneck optimization - progression from lists to cupy arrays”

Yama Anin Aminof

“Fun With Trees! Get to the Root of Song Classification”

yaron Michl

“mapping and analysis of geospatial big data using geemap and Google Earth Engine”

Yehuda Levian

“Cleaner SW architecture using python annotations”