Pycon Israel 2021

Noy Nakash

Head of SW Tools, DevOps and Validation

Formed a team of software, validation and DevOps engineers, responsible for:

The design of an entire SW backend, automation, CI/CD and tools, spanning from AI frameworks, Python to low level SW (Drivers, FW)

Validation of a cutting-edge AI processor and its entire software stack (SDK, AI algorithm, FW, drivers and more) running on multiple pre-silicon and embedded platforms.

Development of business and customer tools such as building packages, Yocto distributions, benchmark tools, SDK CMD and more.

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Novel approach of collecting and analyzing data from PyTest with Elasticsearch

CI/CD is critical for rapid software development, requiring advanced monitoring and logging infrastructure. We will present our PyTest integration with Elasticsearch, leading to significant debug reduction time and infra/product health improvements.