Pycon Israel 2021

Nofar Betzalel

Nofar is a Principal Data Scientist at PayPal. She develops fraud detection models that are being used in production to make real-time decisions that affect millions of PayPal users daily. She leverages PayPal’s massive amounts of data, in the highly imbalanced fraud domain, to learn user behaviour and make sure PayPal is always ahead of its fraudsters. Nofar also co-hosts PayPal's internal and global Data Science Podcast.
Nofar Holds an M.Sc in Information Systems Engineering with a focus on Machine Learning from Ben-Gurion University, where she researched the field of Proactive Recommender Systems.

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Prepare for the Unknown - Adjust Your Model to Label Distribution Shifts

Label distribution shift is a significant ‘unknown' our models might encounter when facing the real world once they are deployed. In this talk I will provide practical approaches to assist our models to be more robust to such 'unknowns'.