PyCon Israel 2023

Adam Hopkins

“Closing Keynote”

Alon Nisser

“🇮🇱 How to kill your PySpark performance with these simple tricks”

Aur Saraf

“🇺🇸 Things you can do in Python, but probably shouldn't”

Boris Gorelik

“🇺🇸 The Secret Agents of Modeling: Why ABM Deserves Your Attention!”

Chayim Kirshen

“🇺🇸 Fixing a CVE In the Open: redis-py, chatgpt, and open source bug hunting”

Daniel Weber

“🇮🇱 A Bug's Life”

Erez Waisbard

“🇮🇱 How to prepare your python code for the post-quantum era”

Eyal Trabelsi

“🇺🇸 Practical Optimisation for Pandas”

Gabriel L. Manor

“🇺🇸 Building Authorization with Python: Dos and Don’ts”

Galit Bary-Weisberg

“🇮🇱 Clean Code for Data Scientists”

Haki Benita

“🇮🇱 Taming Nondeterminism with Dependency Injection”

Irit Katriel

“Opening Keynote”

Jonathan Daniel

“🇺🇸 Build Systems, Package Managers, pyproject.toml and you - how to work with Python in 2023”

Josh Grossman

“🇺🇸 Omniscient AppSec: Custom, continuous security verification of python code”

Michal Kamensky

“🇺🇸 Omniscient AppSec: Custom, continuous security verification of python code”

Omer Shacham

“🇮🇱 Python Typing Implementation: Best Practices and Pitfalls”

Pini Riesman

“🇺🇸 Maintaining world scale HD maps”

Ran Bar-Zik

“🇮🇱 Using 4$ microprocessor for fun and profit!”

Roy M Mezan

“🇺🇸 Face Off: Brute-force attack on Biometrical-databases”

Shai Cohen

“🇮🇱 Date for two: Server, Client, and Datetime in a Multi-timezone environment”

Shai Rubin

“🇺🇸 Fun With ASTs”

Sharon Rones-Makmal

“🇮🇱 Automation Thinking! - Automation to improve personal and work lives, and how to have the mindset of Automation”

Tom Ron

“🇮🇱 Do you miss me?”

Yifat Makias

“🇺🇸 DB migration can be less scary - using alembic tool”