PyCon Israel 2023

Chayim Kirshen

Chayim is a veteran of the software industry with over twenty years of experience. He has helped release several operating systems, contributed to a variety of open-source projects, and built and maintained multiple datacenters, operations teams, and products. With experience contributing at SGI, Autodesk, Novell, SuSE, and others, Chayim has helped several organizations scale their codebase, development teams, and the organization itself - while increasing both the speed and quality of software releases.

Today, Chayim works for Redis as the Client and Ecosystem manager. He mentors new developers, and spends time slipping between languages, both spoken and code.

In the real world, Chayim plays a killer harmonica, hangs out with his wife and kids, and dreams about his roller-blades.


🇮🇱 Fixing a CVE In the Open: redis-py, chatgpt, and open source bug hunting
Chayim Kirshen

In March, OpenAI discovered a vulnerability in redis-py, leading to potential data exposure. This is the inside story of the vulnerability: learn how it was solved, addressed, and fixed - in an open source community.

Hall 3 (2nd Floor)