PyCon Israel 2023

“🇮🇱 Practical Optimisation for Pandas” Eyal Trabelsi · Regular Talk (20 minutes)

This talk will review some of the most common pitfalls that can cause otherwise perfectly good Pandas code to grind to be too slow for any time-sensitive applications, and walk through a set of tips and tricks to avoid them.

“🇮🇱 Using 4$ microprocessor for fun and profit!” Ran Bar-Zik · Regular Talk (20 minutes)

You can do many cool things with affordable small microprocessors and ONLY with code (No electronic knowledge!), from network gizmos to cybersecurity tools.

“🇮🇱 A Bug's Life” Daniel Weber · Regular Talk (20 minutes)

Let me take you on a debugging story - where you'll learn why understanding how your web application runs in production can make you a better full-stack developer.

“🇮🇱 Things you can do in Python, but probably shouldn't” Aur Saraf · Regular Talk (20 minutes)

Lets get to know Python in depth by exploring the boundaries of its flexibility... boldly going where no man should ever go, especially not in production. Content Warning: we might break the record of wtfs/minute in an official conference talk.

“🇺🇸 Face Off: Brute-force attack on Biometrical-databases” Roy M Mezan · Regular Talk (20 minutes)

Join us to unravel the mystery behind facial recognition technology and explore potential security vulnerabilities. Let us show you how we broke into a biometric database with a sophisticated, Python, machine-learning, brute-force attack!

“🇮🇱 Taming Nondeterminism with Dependency Injection” Haki Benita · Regular Talk (20 minutes)

If you ever had a test that started to fail unprovoked or once in a while for no apparent reason, it's possible your code is relying on something that is non-deterministic. In this talk, I propose a simple way to address these challenges in Python!

“🇮🇱 How to prepare your python code for the post-quantum era” Erez Waisbard · Regular Talk (20 minutes)

New post quantum python libraries are here to replace the old ones. Simply replacing old with new may prove wrong, but there is a way to do it right.

“🇺🇸 Omniscient AppSec: Custom, continuous security verification of python code” Josh Grossman, Michal Kamensky · Deep dive talk (45 minutes)

Security is most valuable when it brings solutions which are specific to your use case, but enforcing them is hard. In this talk, we will show how to enforce internal python security guidelines that generic tools won’t find, in a repeatable way.

“🇮🇱 The Secret Agents of Modeling: Why ABM Deserves Your Attention!” Boris Gorelik · Regular Talk (20 minutes)

Discover the untapped potential of Agent-Based Modeling (ABM) in various fields like finance, social interactions, and cybersecurity. Learn to implement ABM with Python and Mesa, and (yes!) see GPT integrated within ABM because everyone wants GPT.

“🇮🇱 Automation Thinking! - Automation to improve personal and work lives, and how to have the mindset of Automation” Sharon Rones-Makmal · Deep dive talk (45 minutes)

Both in personal and work lives- automation can ease our tasks. Together we will explore different times when to use it, review some code, and learn how to think automation and how to implement it. Let’s discover the amazing power of automation!

“🇮🇱 How to kill your PySpark performance with these simple tricks” Alon Nisser · Regular Talk (20 minutes)

The talk would start with explaining what spark is. what problems it solves, and why you might want to use it. Then I'll describe common anti patterns, especially with the data engineering/science related code. and what you should probably do instead

“🇮🇱 Date for two: Server, Client, and Datetime in a Multi-timezone environment” Shai Cohen · Regular Talk (20 minutes)

Datetime in your DB is easy when your app is local, but what if one client writes in USA and another reads from France? We’ll see some challenges in adding time constraints to a global app and suggest the aviation industry methodology to solve them.

“🇺🇸 Fun With ASTs” Shai Rubin · Regular Talk (20 minutes)

This talk will delve into the AST module's capabilities and limitations, covering its class hierarchy, general structure, and supported functions. Attendees will be presented with examples of cool code manipulations based on AST.

“🇮🇱 Fixing a CVE In the Open: redis-py, chatgpt, and open source bug hunting” Chayim Kirshen · Deep dive talk (45 minutes)

In March, OpenAI discovered a vulnerability in redis-py, leading to potential data exposure. This is the inside story of the vulnerability: learn how it was solved, addressed, and fixed - in an open source community.

“🇮🇱 Faster code for global scale -- Mobileye HD mapping the world” Pini Reisman · Regular Talk (20 minutes)

Maintaining world scale HD maps requires massive compute jobs. We use PySpark and python to map the world, making it performant and cost efficient - as you must at such scale. A glimpse on how we develop and optimize algorithmic code in Mobileye REM

“🇮🇱 Building Authorization with Python: Dos and Don’ts” Gabriel L. Manor · Regular Talk (20 minutes)

This talk will provide best practices for building authorization with Python. To do so, he will show how to use existing tools in the ecosystem: OPA, OSO, OPAL, Zanzibar and others.

“🇮🇱 Build Systems, Package Managers, pyproject.toml and you - how to work with Python in 2023” Jonathan Daniel · Regular Talk (20 minutes)

Dependency management, virtual environments, publishing packages - all of these activities are a part of daily life when working with Python, but are too often high friction and fragile. Recent advancements make the situation much better.

“🇮🇱 Python Typing Implementation: Best Practices and Pitfalls” Omer Shacham, Oren Nissenbaum · Regular Talk (20 minutes)

Learn the ins and outs of Python typing implementation in this PyCon lecture. Discover why it's necessary and how to avoid common mistakes.

“🇮🇱 DB migration can be less scary - using alembic tool” Yifat Makias · Regular Talk (20 minutes)

Dealing with database migrations for developers can be pretty tricky.
Without a dedicated tool, this can be a frustrating task. Alembic is a tool to deal with this issue.

“🇮🇱 Clean Code for Data Scientists” Galit Bary-Weisberg · Regular Talk (20 minutes)

Unlock the potential of clean code in data science!
Join our enlightening talk inspired by "Clean Code" by Robert C. Martin.
Enhance readability, maintainability, and efficiency in your data science projects.

“🇮🇱 Do you miss me?” Tom Ron · Regular Talk (20 minutes)

Missing data is common when working with real-world data.
In this talk, we will visualize missing data and discuss patterns of missing data and how to handle them.

“Closing Keynote” Adam Hopkins · Keynote (45 minutes)


“Opening Keynote” Irit Katriel · Keynote (45 minutes)


“Goodbye to PyCon 2023” PyCon Israel Team · Keynote (45 minutes)

Closing session

“Welcome to PyCon 2023” PyCon Israel Team · Keynote (45 minutes)

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