PyCon Israel 2023

Call For Presentations - Instructions

We’d love to learn about those awesome projects you are working on, come share those with the world! To make sure this conference totally rocks, we need your participation. We’re looking for creative, innovative talks that will expose the Python community to new ideas, practices or tools.

Important Dates

  • CFP Opens: Wednesday, 1 March
  • CFP Closes: Sunday, 2 April
  • CFP Notifications: Sunday, 7 May
  • Agenda published: Sunday, 14 May
  • PyCon IL Conference: Tuesday, 4 July
  • PyCon IL Workshops: Wednesday, 5 July

First Time Speaker ?

The PyCon conference is an excellent way to get to know the python community and share your ideas and the work that you are doing. You do not need to be a chief architect or long-time industry pundit to submit a proposal, in fact, we strongly encourage first-time speakers to submit talks!

What talks are we looking for?

From past experience, PyCon attendees like to hear about practical examples that they can use in their daily life.

Submit a talk if there are:

  • Technical hurdles you’ve overcome (and how Python relates to it!)
  • Technologies you’ve utilized in a new or exciting manner (and how Python relates!)
  • Great improvements that you’ve made (using Python!)
  • Fun libraries and tools you’ve open sourced (I think you get it!)
  • Or anything you’re excited about and want to share with the community.

Please try to answer the questions:
What will the attendees take away from this talk? and most importantly “How it is related to the Python program language and its ecosystem?”

If you want to go deeper, or maybe teach some technique in practice, consider suggesting a workshop – those are longer sessions of 3 or 6 hours, and are more suitable for tutorials or audience participation (classes are usually small with ~30 group of participants).

As you consider different topics, you might be interested in reviewing the slate of talks selected to appear at PyCon IL in previous years:


While any Python talk will be considered, the following topics are suggestions as to what the selection committee is looking for:

  • Cloud, containers and Cloud Native technologies
  • DB, Big Data, Data Science, AI/ML
  • Tips / Tricks; Python black magic, new features
  • Educational usage
  • Hacking, Security, Cyber
  • Interesting implementations, integration / embedding into other tools or products
  • Frameworks / Platforms, web, new or upcoming projects
  • Python and containers
  • QA / QE, Automation, CI, DevOps
  • Documentation
  • Community / Open-Source talks related to Python
  • Python in Israel

Submissions Start With An Abstract

Every submission starts with these 5 main parts:

  1. Your talk’s title

    We recommend going with a title that is both attention-grabbing and gives the
    conference goers a clear idea of what your talk is about.

  2. Submission type

    There are 2 options you can choose from:

    • Regular talk: 20 Minutes presentation with up to two speakers
    • Deep dive talk: 45 Minutes presentation with up to 3 speakers
  3. Track

    We batch the talks by 3 tracks that will be active during the 1st conference day

    • General
    • DB, Big Data, ML/AI & Data Science
    • Security
    • Devops/Test Automation
    • Other
  4. Abstract

    KEEP IN MIND the perspective of the audience when you write your abstract - for example - if you started a new open source project, try to write about the problem you are solving instead of the project itself.

    Ask yourself the following question: What will the attendees take away from this talk?

  5. Description:

Coding Workshops

PyCon offers coding workshops to provide attendees with hands-on training and practical experience in specific Python languages areas or tools.

Our workshops help attendees to learn new skills, improve their existing skills, and stay current with the latest developments in their field.

If you are submitting a workshop proposal, ​​we ask that you outline the content and objectives of the workshop, the schedule, length and format. You can submit a 3-hour slot, or a double 6-hour slot for your workshop. Please also specify what is the optimal number of attendees for your session. We expect about ~20 participants to enroll for each workshop.

You can submit a workshop proposal here - PyConIL 2023 Workshops CFP (July 5)

Dry Runs

A couple of weeks before the conference we intend to hold dry-run sessions. In each such session, a group of speakers will present their talk to each other, and give feedback. We expect every accepted speaker to participate in one of these, which will probably be 2-3 hours long -- depending on the size of the group. Note that this means that your presentation will need to be ready a couple of weeks before the conference.

Talks Videos

Once the conference is over, we’ll publish the talks on our YouTube channel. We do this for the benefit of the larger Python community and those who can’t attend the live conference.

Language for Talks

PyCon IL is hosted in Israel and PyCon has traditionally been very open to local Python communities. For this reason, we prioritize and encourage native speakers to submit talk proposals in Hebrew. That said, if you prefer to present in English for any reason, that works too.

Questions? Contacts?

If you have any questions email [email protected].

This Call for Papers closed on 2023-04-02 22:59 (Africa/Cairo).