Dan Gittik

»Diabolical Python«

Eli Gur

»Python 3.8 new stuff, assignment expressions and why Guido quits as BDFL«

Tal Einat

»Data Classes in Python: Why They're Great + Examples Using attrs and dataclasses«

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»Descriptors - Supercharge Your Dot«

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»Logging Like a Pro - The Stuff They Don’t Tell You«

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»Parallel computing and Concurrency«

Lior Mizrahi

»I hate security - Bluetooth distance detection story«

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»Python Project Productionization«

Daniel Belenky

»Extend Kubernetes to make you a coffee«

Gal Ben Haim

»Extend Kubernetes to make you a coffee«

Yael Green

»From 2 to 3 in 1 go«

Nikolay Grishchenko

»Serverless orchestration of async serverless workers in the cloud«

Yoav Glazner

»"Scope of Variables in Python" - A full scoop of python scopes!«

Mark Geyzer

»Hacking Around Enumeration«

Yehuda Lavy

»"Is it safe ?" - python code security tools«

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»Beating #fakenews with Jupyter notebooks«

Nicole Harris

»PyPI: Past, Present and Future«

Ronnie Sheer

»Async/Awaiting Production«

Roy Penn

»Teaching Thousands Of CPUs How To Read«

Uri Tsemach

»Teaching Thousands Of CPUs How To Read«

Moshe Hazoom

»Teaching Thousands Of CPUs How To Read«

Ram Rachum

»PySnooper - Never use print for debugging again«

Eva Sasson

»How do algorithmic models become biased?«

Dean Langsam

»Disease Modeling with Scipy and PyMC«

Dor Kahana

»Disease Modeling with Scipy and PyMC«

Moran Haham

»A Case study: How to effectively operationalize a Machine Learning model«

Uri Goren

»NLP on legal contracts«

Orr Shilon & Alex Levin

»Data Pipelines - Comparing Airflow and Luigi by people who have made mistakes in both«

Jacob Barhak

»Standardizing Clinical Data with Python«

Dima Goldenberg

»Social Network Analysis  -  From Graph Theory to Applications with Python«

Sephi Berry

»our DASK ETL Journey«

Yehuda Horn

»When the power of "Where" meets the power of "Share"«

Talia Tron

»AI based triage - predicting late and early mortality after emergency department visit.«

Fred Rotbart

»Hierarchical Temporal Memory in Python«

Inbal Horev

»Building text classifiers with state-of-the-art Deep Learning frameworks«

Ari Bornstein

»Beyond Word Embeddings The Future of Semantic Representation«

Matti Picus

»Numpy: what has changed and what is going to change?«

Idan Angel

»Model explainability«

Bitya Neuhof

»Automation of feature engineering: pros and cons«

Liran Haimovitch

»Understanding Python’s Debugging Internals«

Barak Itkin

»Building ORMs from scratch with advanced Python«

Edward Haas

»Beautiful {Automation} System Tests using Pytest«

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»Title: Settling new planets - adding Ansible modules and plugins«

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»Pandas for Fun and Profit: Using Pandas for Successful Investing.«

Shmuel Amar

»Rust is the next Python FFI«

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»Writing user space filesystems«

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»Pipenv - The Python Companion You Wish You Always Had«

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»Root Cause Analysis with eBPF & Python«

Pavel Rogovoy

»Root Cause Analysis with eBPF & Python«

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»Decentralizing the cloud with Project Aleph (decentralized applications framework, aka "Look ma, no -centralized- cloud!")«

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»PyPy - the hero we all deserve.«

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»Pylint - Python static code analysis«

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»Fixtures and Test Doubles in Pytest«

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»Real world Graphene: lessons learned from building a GraphQL API on top of a large Django project«

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»When Deep Learning meets Production«

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»Making our Municipalities more Transparent using Python!«

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»Boosting simulation performance with Python«