»Cloud native CI/CD pipeline for enterprise grade python development on top of OpenShift platform«
2019-06-05, 09:30–13:00, Room 2

You'll learn how to write, build and release your enterprise level python applications for cloud native platforms such as OpenShift or OKD.

The workshop will cover following topics

How to write cloud native python code for OpenShift/OKD platforms
  • Manage dependencies, run and test your python application with Pipenv
  • Configure your python application natively from Secrets or ConfigMaps by using K8S Python API client
  • Configure your python application from environment variables and from configparser import ConfigParser
  • Create your first Readiness and Liveness endpoints
How to build your python application on top of OpenShift/OKD platforms
  • Source2Image from scratch - create and test your build locally
  • Build your application on each commit, use OpenShift S2I build image, ImageStreams and BuildConfigs.
Deploy your application on top of OpenShift/OKD platforms
  • Deploy your application manually with OpenShift Deployment object
  • Create deployment triggers and deploy your application with OpenShift DeploymentConfig object
  • Create A/B, Blue/Green deployments with OpenShift Router and DeploymentConfig.