»Creating a device and publishing sensor data to a decentralized cloud using Aleph.im and MicroPython«
2019-06-05, 09:20–12:50, Room 2

Following the talk about Aleph.im in the previous days, we will create a device that pushes its data to a decentralized and verifiable (signed data) network.

Creating devices with Python is now possible for a few years (I even did a workshop about this two years ago here), but what if you want to guarantee your data can't be tampered, and don't want to trust a server either?

You will need the power of decentralized applications, elliptic curve cryptography and smart contracts. Wow, that sounds hard, plus it will cost money (tokens), bwah. Nope, not with Aleph.im: it's quite simple and we will do it together!

We will setup micropython on small devices and start sending a program to the devices sending sensor data.

The interesting part here is that we won't use standard storage servers but api servers of a decentralized cloud. The aleph.in network will take care of storage and processing of our data, giving us and others guarantees of immutability (hashes stored on a few blockchains).

No pre-requisites here, beside knowing python.