»Wrapping C code and running it in Python« Matti Picus; Half day workshop (regular) (3.5 hours)

Python is known for its ability to interoperate with other languages. We will learn how to call C from Python using CFFI, Ctypes, Cython, and others

»Making your Python code write your Python code« Marcin Sobczyk; Half day workshop (regular) (3.5 hours)

Discover Python's ast module to see how you can analyze and generate Python code.

»Let's write a Lisp interpreter« Miki Tebeka; Half day workshop (regular) (3.5 hours)

One of the best way to understand how programming languages work (including Python), is to implement one.

»Network Science, Game of Thrones and Python« Mridul Seth; Half day workshop (regular) (3.5 hours)

Have you ever wondered about how those data scientists at Facebook and LinkedIn make friend recommendations? In this tutorial we'll work with networks using Python, and we will look at various real world applications of network science.

»Named entity recognition with deep learning« Uri Goren; Half day workshop (regular) (3.5 hours)

Named-Entity-recog and document-classification are by far the most common NLP tasks. This workshop would focus on the named-entity-recognition (NER) with deep learning methods.

»Creating a device and publishing sensor data to a decentralized cloud using Aleph.im and MicroPython« Moshe Malawach; Half day workshop (regular) (3.5 hours)

Following the talk about Aleph.im in the previous days, we will create a device that pushes its data to a decentralized and verifiable (signed data) network.