PyCon Israel 2023 Workshop

“My first contribution to an Open Source Python project” Gabor Szabo · Full Day Workshop (6 hours)

Writing Python inside a corporation is one thing, contributing to an open source project is a totally different experience. It brings a lot of satisfaction.

“Introduction to Geospatial data and GeoPandas” Udi Oron · Half Day Workshop (3 hours)

In this workshop we will learn the basic units of geospatial data and how to easily read and process it to create maps using GeoPandas.

“Refactoring Without a Net” Gil Zilberfeld · Half Day Workshop (3 hours)

Refactor ugly legacy code, using design patterns for fun and profit

“From thought to innovative content” Bat-El Ziony Sabati · Half Day Workshop (3 hours)

Have you ever wanted to public speaking & blogging but found it difficult to get started? Come to learn and practice practical tools, overcome difficulty translating knowledge into engaging content. Captivate your audience. Join our workshop.

“Welcome” PyCon Israel and Microsoft Reactor · Half Day Workshop (3 hours)

A few words of introduction