PyCon Israel 2023

🇮🇱 Things you can do in Python, but probably shouldn't
07-04, 12:00–12:20 (Africa/Cairo), Main hall

Lets get to know Python in depth by exploring the boundaries of its flexibility... boldly going where no man should ever go, especially not in production. Content Warning: we might break the record of wtfs/minute in an official conference talk.

Have you ever used cffi to mutate an immutable str? Used fuckit('module') to import a module that tends to throw random fits of anger (and exceptions)? Used try: 1/0; except: import inspect to change a function's behavior based on who called it? Used an import hook to extend Python's syntax with your own syntactic constructs? Implemented a cache for your functions that parametrizes on the last modified time of the module they and their arguments are defined in and every module it depends on?

No? Good.

But someone had to check the grass isn't greener in hell, so you wouldn't be tempted to, right? And honestly, I've seen the last two running in production sorry i really gotta go ok thanks byeee dodges

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