PyCon Israel 2023

πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ Maintaining world scale HD maps
2023-07-04, 11:30–11:50, Hall 2 (Ground Floor)

Maintaining world scale HD maps requires massive compute jobs. We use PySpark and python to map the world, making it performant and cost efficient - as you must in such scales. A glimps on how we develop and optimize algorthmic code in Mobileye REM

REM group in Mobileye is tasked with the challenge of creating and maintaining a high definition map at world scale with cm level accuracy of all road geometry and semantic elements to enable fully autonomous driving.

The map is constructed from crowd sourced anonymized data of millions of driving assistance systems running computer vision processes in consumer vehicles.

In this talk we will share stories from the trentches on how we optimized python workloads to run distributed big data processing.
We will discuss:
- how we approach these kinds of issues
- tools we use to identify and optimize algorithmic python code
- examples of how to write algorithmic code that runs 10x times faster levereging a range of tools and technologies

Session language – English Target audience – R&D