PyCon Israel 2023

🇮🇱 A Bug's Life
2023-07-04, 10:30–10:50, Main hall

Let me take you on a debugging story - where you'll learn why understanding how your web application runs in production can make you a better full-stack developer.

Have you ever faced the challenge of debugging a web application that runs differently in production than in your local environment?

In this talk, we'll explore the importance of gaining a deeper understanding of Gunicorn and NGINX, two critical components of the modern web stack, to become a better developer.
We'll dive into the power of greenlets, exploring how they offer a lightweight approach to concurrency management and we'll explore how all of this work together to handle HTTP requests, manage concurrency, and distribute workload across multiple worker processes.

We'll wrap up the talk by exploring some Python tips to help us write thread-aware code.

Session language – Hebrew Target audience – Developers