PyCon Israel 2022

🇺🇸 Basic microcontroller programming with Python
06-29, 15:30–15:50 (Asia/Jerusalem), Hall 3

Arduino microcontrollers can be used for numerous and versatile home-based functions. Want to learn what you can do and how to get started coding Arduino in Python? There’s a low cost of entry, and the possibilities are endless.

Python is not generally considered the best option for programming microcontrollers. It is big, slow, and not optimized for handling asynchronous events. So how can you enjoy the fantastic world of microcontrollers using Python? In this talk, I will share my journey and the transition I made moving from C to Python, using Arduino programming to improve my Pythonic skills.

There are so many possibilities latent in programming Arduino using Python. I will begin by explaining the basics of Arduino and Micro-Python and showing an Arduino project that I created and other open-source Python projects written for Arduino.

This talk aims to inspire Python developers from all levels to dive into the magical world of microcontrollers and get their hands dirty.

Are you curious about how you can enjoy the benefits of your Pythonic skills in the physical world? Would you like to learn how developing an Arduino project can help you improve your Pythonic skills? If you answered yes - this talk is for you! If you know Python – the microcontroller's world is open to you.

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Anat Wax is a quality engineer at Red Hat. She has a long-lasting history as a maker and DIY’er and has many Ikea hacks in her closet.