PyCon Israel 2022

🇮🇱 Data Class Serialization The Right Way
06-29, 11:30–12:20 (Asia/Jerusalem), PyData

Do you ever use data classes in your project? Need to store these data structures for later use?
In our talk, we will present how to do it in Python. We will focus on Pydantic and will show the correct way to do it for complex data structures.

Many of us write Python apps that handle data. As part of that, we often face the need of persisting this data as-is. This will enable us to use this data structure later.

In this session, we will present
1. How does Serialization work?
-- 1. The difficulties of Dynamic programming languages with serialized data
-- 2. A few different Python libraries that handle that (pickle, jsonpickle, pyyaml, marshmallow)
-- 3. How Pydantic takes the most precise approach
2. The problem and solution to Serializing subclasses
-- 1. The problem when deserializing the raw data
-- 2. A live session where we walk through increasingly better solutions to find the optimal one

After this session, you will have the understanding and tools to persist your complex data structures using Pydantic.

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