PyCon Israel 2022

🇮🇱 Zero to Hero: Few Shot Learning + Multi-armed Bandit
2022-06-28, 11:30–12:20, PyData

Join us to learn how to use large language models to solve NLP tasks. Via live coding, we'll demonstrate how to use Few Shot Learning together with Multi-armed Bandit, to tackle the boolean question answering task.

In the era of massive language models (LMs), solving NLP tasks can be as easy as specifying a product need to your engineering team: all you need to do is specify your need in a language the LM can understand. One of the main paradigms in nowadays massive LMs is called Few Shot Learning, where one can specify a set of examples from which the model has to understand the task. This approach can sometimes be as effective as finetuning.

But how do you choose the set of examples to show to the model? Randomly choose them? Try all possible combinations and choose the best one? We propose to formulate this task as a Multi-Armed Bandit problem: There are many possible sets of examples, and we’d like to explore and find the optimal in an efficient way.

In this session we’ll begin with an empty Jupyter Notebook and finish with a complete notebook that tackles the BoolQ task (boolean question answering). This live coding session will be paired with practical advices and insights you can apply to your next NLP task using the Few Shot Learning approach.

Session language – Hebrew Target audience – Data Scientists