PyCon Israel 2022

πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ How to Lift Your Tech Debt Curse with the Magic of the Open-Close Principle
06-29, 11:00–11:20 (Asia/Jerusalem), Hall 3

Using Python's awesome features and important design principles for safe legacy code refactoring while maintaining a healthy production environment

Throughout the company life cycle many products change and evolve.
Your PM is demanding an urgent feature and you find yourself looking at a patchwork project composed of fixes on fixes, no testing and, "if it's working, don't touch it" comment written by someone who left the company a few years ago.

We all know the experience of inheriting a legacy system and with it the curse of tech debt.

In this talk I will share the insights I gained lifting many such curses, while maintaining a running production environment, using the magic of the Open-Close principle.
Giving you the right tools to plan and execute, your next refactoring challenge.

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Dor Amram is a software engineer@Similarweb and father to the most beautiful girl (not necessarily in that order) with 7 years of experience in software engineering.
Excited about knowledge sharing and loves spending time finding simple solutions to complex problems