PyCon Israel 2022

🇮🇱 Overcoming Concurrency Issues in Web Applications
06-29, 14:30–14:50 (Asia/Jerusalem), Hall 3

Concurrency in web applications is hard to identify and debug, and very easy to get wrong! In this talk I'm going to present common concurrency issues and suggest ways to identify and prevent them!

In this talk I'll present common issues, and different approaches for dealing with concurrency:

  • Why it is better to ask for forgiveness instead of permission when dealing with concurrency
  • What is the TOCTOU (time-of-check-time-of-use) problem, how it can happen and how to address it
  • How database locking can help with concurrency, and how to avoid it!
  • How and when to rely on database features to maintain correctness

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Haki is a software developer and a technical lead. He takes special interest in databases, web development, software design and performance tuning. Haki also writes about development and performance in his blog