PyCon Israel 2022

🇺🇸 Circuit Playground Bluefruit Board: Bringing Objects to Life (With Python Code)
2022-06-28, 10:30–10:50, Hall 3

What if you could take your Python coding skills and use it to affect the physical world around you? Circuit Playground boards allow you to do just that, and in this talk you’ll see how you can turn on the lights using the Python you already know.

As developers, we are used to limiting our creations only to the world displayed on screens. This is your opportunity to learn how to go beyond it.
In this talk I am going to introduce you to the basics of Adafruit’s Circuit Playground Bluefruit board. This round electronic circuit board can light up multicoloured LEDs, make sounds, detect touch, colour, temperature, sound, and motion (with no soldering or sewing required!). The board connects to your computer with a Micro USB cable, which allows you to save your Python code and run it instantly. During this talk we will explore together a few exciting sample projects along with their code.

Even if you never tinkered with hardware before, or just recently picked up Python, you’ll be able to run the existing sample code and create your own in no time.

Session language – English Target audience – Other (please specify below) Other (target audience) – Everyone who has some python coding skills and love learning new things