PyCon Israel 2022

“🇮🇱 Getting Started with OpenTelemetry in Python” Michael Haberman · Talk (20 minutes)

In this talk, you will learn about the concept and benefits of tracing by examining the open-source project OpenTelemetry. You will leave this session knowing how to set up OpenTelemetry to get better visibility and troubleshoot your system faster.

“🇺🇸 Memoirs of a Python Object: Memory Management and Improving Performance” Michael Khaitov · Talk (20 minutes)

Python is known to be expensive in Memory and CPU. However, it does not mean you can't do anything about it.
In this talk, we'll learn about Python's memory management, and what you can do today to improve the performance of your Python program.

“🇺🇸 Identity providers, your app, and everything in-between” Hodaya Ankri · Talk (20 minutes)

Signing in to Twitter using Google, or saving files from an app to the cloud are different applications of auth flows. This talk will show how it works and focus on integrating a flask app with identity providers by applying the relevant flow.

“🇺🇸 The Journey of Upgrading A Python Version: From a Debugger Perspective” Nathan Shain · Talk (20 minutes)

What happens when you develop a Python debugger and the latest Python version breaks it? We’ll go through the process of debugging a Python debugger and the methods we used to solve it efficiently.

“🇺🇸 From PyPerf to py-spy - Everything You Need to Know About Python Profilers” Tomer Doitshman · Talk (20 minutes)

With the increasing complexity of modern Python applications and the high cost of running them in the cloud––the need for profiling solutions rises. However, current solutions often times fall short.

“🇺🇸 Optimizing Code Performance for Python Internals” Yonatan Goldschmidt · Long Talk (50 minutes)

The Python interpreter plays a critical role in controlling the performance of your code, using a vast variety of optimizations & fast paths for common code patterns and idioms. This talk will walk you through how it can break or worsen performance.

“🇺🇸 It's Critical: Concurrent programming as a sane programming model (or how I met critical section)” David Baum · Talk (20 minutes)

We mostly hear about concurrency as a more performant replacement for threads or multi-processing.
But the hidden gem of concurrent programming is how sane concurrent code, and how easy it is to reason about shared state.

“🇺🇸 Fine Grained Error Locations in Tracebacks” Ron Alfia · Talk (20 minutes)

Python is dynamically typed. While awesome, even simple statements in a single line can cause series headaches. Running var['python']['3']['11']['a'] produced TypeError: 'NoneType' .. error. Impossible to debug from the Traceback, until 3.11..

“🇺🇸 Monorepo - One Repo To Rule Them All” Yael Green · Talk (20 minutes)

Does your service architecture slow you down? Instead of enabling rapid and frequent deliveries? If you have found yourself in this situation, you will benefit from hearing about our journey towards an efficient repository structure.

“🇺🇸 Python common security mistakes in 2022” Gil Cohen, Eyal Greenberg · Long Talk (50 minutes)

The Python eco-system and community made a lot of progress in terms of security and security awareness, but common OWASP top 10 mistakes still happen in the real world.

“🇺🇸 The hidden costs of your favorite functions” Maya Gershovitz Bar · Talk (20 minutes)

Have you ever written a simple function, and added it to your pipeline only to discover it is WAY slower than it should be? In this talk, I will demonstrate how to sniff out functions that slow down your pipeline and be proactive about speeding up

“🇺🇸 How to Lift Your Tech Debt Curse with the Magic of the Open-Close Principle” Dor Amram · Talk (20 minutes)

Using Python's awesome features and important design principles for safe legacy code refactoring while maintaining a healthy production environment

“🇺🇸 Formal Verification through Python – Why and How?” Avraham Raviv, Or Reginiano, eliya bronshtein · Talk (20 minutes)

Formal verification (FV) can prove the correctness of algorithms and systems and so ensure safety. Since FV tools are not easy to use, we will show examples (from the RL domain) of how executing them via Python could be very useful and friendly-user.

“🇺🇸 Building Lightning-Fast Apps With asyncio” Assaf Dayan · Talk (20 minutes)

asyncio, Python's concurrent I/O library, can power very-high-performance applications. Come and hear the story of how we were able to replace a legacy service cluster with a single asyncio-powered instance, and how you can do it too.

“🇺🇸 Leveraging networkx in-memory graphs for securing your cloud infrastructure” Naor David · Long Talk (50 minutes)

Securing Infrastructure-as-code configurations is a key requirement in a cloud production system. We will cover how the networkx library is leveraged to represent cloud resources as a DAG, and how it enhances the misconfigurations scanning process.

“🇺🇸 Property Based Testing with Hypothesis: Stronger Tests, Less Work” Shai Geva · Long Talk (50 minutes)

Property based tests are a pragmatic way to write better tests with less work.

In this talk, we’ll introduce property based tests and show how they can help you in real-world use-cases.

“🇺🇸 No more sassy SaaS integrations” Amit Ripshtos · Talk (20 minutes)

Applications today are giant meshes of services and interconnected APIs. However, there isn’t a standardized, systematic way to integrate them. In this talk, we'll cover the patterns of working with 3rd party integrations.

“🇮🇱 Data Class Serialization The Right Way” Bat-El Ziony Sabati, Mordechai Alter · Long Talk (50 minutes)

Do you ever use data classes in your project? Need to store these data structures for later use?
In our talk, we will present how to do it in Python. We will focus on Pydantic and will show the correct way to do it for complex data structures.

“🇮🇱 Hidden Hacks in Linters for Better & More Secure Code” Gabriel Manor-Liechtman · Talk (20 minutes)

Linters are a great tool that enable developers to create static analysis rules for their code base, and the most popular one in the Python ecosystem is Pylint - and this talk will walk through some of its advanced features

“🇺🇸 Life, Death, and Shopping” Dina Bavli · Long Talk (50 minutes)

A step-by-step introduction to purchase prediction. Also applicable to survival analysis and churn prediction. Including implementation in PySpark.

“🇺🇸 Exploring the Cheese Shop - What's in the Python Package Index?” Michael Sverdlin · Talk (20 minutes)

We pip install packages all day long, but did you consider where it is coming from?

“🇺🇸 Don’t Underestimate the Obvious: Murphy’s Law in Real-life Data Science” Inon Peled · Talk (20 minutes)

Murphy’s Law states that if anything can go wrong it will -- and this is particularly true in data science. Based on personal experience, I describe how to create an effective model despite data pitfalls, methodological hazards and hidden bugs.

“🇺🇸 Cracking Wordle: Machine Learning based Strategies” Efrat Ravid · Talk (20 minutes)

Wordle is an online word game that has gone viral with millions of daily players world-wide. We will consider strategies based on information theory and reinforcement learning, allowing the creation of agents outperforming most human Wordle players.

“🇮🇱 Python & DAG architecture: The winning combination for the development of complex varied algorithmic flows in an agile world.” Noa Marom · Talk (20 minutes)

Rapid development of complex algorithms requires an agile management. This talk will demonstrate how we leverage Python flexibility and DAGs power to enable a flexible algorithm development process with high quality and minimal risk at each stage.

“🇺🇸 Under the sea - Attacking vulnerable C creatures in Snakes-land” Aviad Hahami · Talk (20 minutes)

I'd like to share the findings from my research where I looked into python packages that wrap vulnerable C code and ship vulnerabilities to the unaware developers
Attackers aware of such libs may abuse these components without the developers knowing

“🇮🇱 Effective Protobuf: Everything You Wanted To Know, But Never Dared To Ask” Liran Haimovitch · Talk (20 minutes)

Communicating and persisting data (and state!) is at the very core of software engineering. That’s where serialization comes in - but getting it right can be quite the challenge. Here's how to make it less so.

“🇮🇱 Pythonic DDD And How To Improve Your Life When Maintaining A Monolith” Niv Sluzki · Talk (20 minutes)

Startups choose python because it helps you to set up your application very quickly, but after a few months, it can get really messy. This is the story of how we in Databand managed to extract good backend guidelines with Python out of our monolith.

“🇺🇸 meet the best feature in python 3.10: match-case” Dror Ivry · Talk (20 minutes)


1,1 == 1,1
1, True, 1
This bug led me into a rabbit hole of learning the internals of python's interpreter. This is a story of how python 3.10's structural pattern matching feature changed the way I write code completely

“🇺🇸 Basic microcontroller programming with Python” Anat Wax · Talk (20 minutes)

Arduino microcontrollers can be used for numerous and versatile home-based functions. Want to learn what you can do and how to get started coding Arduino in Python? There’s a low cost of entry, and the possibilities are endless.

“🇮🇱 Web apps for data science using streamlit” Liron Soffer · Talk (20 minutes)

Nobody cares about your algorithm, learn how to communicate model insights.

“🇺🇸 Detecting anomalous sequences using text processing methods” Liron Faybish (Ben-Kimon) · Talk (20 minutes)

Hello wait you talk see to can’t my!
Sounds weird? Detecting abnormal sequences is a common problem.
Join my talk to see how this problem involves Bert, Word2vec & Autoencoders (in python), and how you can apply it to information security problems

“🇺🇸 What happens when you import a module?” Reuven Lerner · Long Talk (50 minutes)

We all "import" modules . But how does Python find and load modules, and making their definitions available? The answer is surprisingly complex. This talk walks you through the world of module importation, from load path, to finders and loaders.

“🇮🇱 JSON - The Fine Print” Miki Tebeka · Talk (20 minutes)

In this talk we'll discuss the finer points of working with JSON. We'll cover custom serialization, validation, and shine some lights at some darker corners.

“🇺🇸 Why Does “Don’t Stop Me Now” by Queen Make Us Happy? Feature Analysis” Noga Karni · Talk (20 minutes)

An enriching talk about music theory and analysis using python tools.

“🇺🇸 GPT-3 wrote the description for this talk... Scary or exciting?” Ronnie Sheer · Talk (20 minutes)

This session might give you the tools to get started with Python and GPT-3.

“🇮🇱 Computer Vision for The Poor: How to easily reduce Deep Computer Vision to shallow NLP” Assaf Klein, Hila Weisman-Zohar · Talk (20 minutes)

Being able to classify images is at the heart of many recommender systems. In this talk, we will share a simple trick to make the task of building an image classifier as easy as building a standard text classifier.

“🇺🇸 There is always another way: Sharpen your NumPy skills with the 8 Queens puzzle” Ariel Lieberman · Talk (20 minutes)

A short walk through the challenge of finding the fastest NumPy algorithm/way for solving the 8 Queens puzzle. During this walkthrough I will explain the different solutions, the NumPy APIs I’ve been using and their underlying implementation.

“🇺🇸 Off road profiling - when the automated profilers just don't cut it.” Shachar Shemesh · Talk (20 minutes)

When long running jobs are too long running jobs, profilers help us understand where it is that our code spends its time. I present a technique for manually guided profiling for cases the automatic tools cant' help.

“🇮🇱 Overcoming Concurrency Issues in Web Applications” Haki Benita · Talk (20 minutes)

Concurrency in web applications is hard to identify and debug, and very easy to get wrong! In this talk I'm going to present common concurrency issues and suggest ways to identify and prevent them!

“🇮🇱 Engineering and algorithms using python at scale – creating a High Definition Map of the world's road network” Amit Raphael · Long Talk (50 minutes)

How we map continents at cm level accuracy from crowd sourced computer vision data using PySpark.
A tale of engineering challenges working with python at huge scale in production with a rapidly evolving development effort.

“🇺🇸 Supercharging Pipeline Efficiency with ML Performance Prediction” Boaz Wiesner, Keren Meron · Talk (20 minutes)

Running millions of tasks is difficult when dealing with high workload variance. We improved our pipeline efficiency by using ML models to classify task requirements and dynamically allocate the necessary system resources.

“🇮🇱 Zero to Hero: Few Shot Learning + Multi-armed Bandit” Yoel Zeldes, Shuki Cohen · Long Talk (50 minutes)

Join us to learn how to use large language models to solve NLP tasks. Via live coding, we'll demonstrate how to use Few Shot Learning together with Multi-armed Bandit, to tackle the boolean question answering task.

“🇺🇸 What are we busy about?” Layla Abu khalaf · Talk (20 minutes)

A plan is what, a schedule is when .it takes both a plan and a schedule to get things done” - Peter Turla.

“🇺🇸 🤖 Transformer-based NLP Pipelines with SpaCy v3” Stav Shemesh · Talk (20 minutes)

Transformer-based models have been producing superior results on various NLP tasks. In this talk, we’ll cover the new transformer-based NLP pipelines featured by SpaCy, and how to apply multi-task learning for improved efficiency and accuracy.

“🇺🇸 Minimum Viable Security for Python Applications” Michael Segal · Talk (20 minutes)

Python remains a very popular programming and scripting language in the DevOps ecosystem for building CI/CD pipelines. In the same way we think about how we design and build our Python applications, we need to design, build and automate security.

“🇺🇸 Circuit Playground Bluefruit Board: Bringing Objects to Life (With Python Code)” Lior Dagan Leib · Talk (20 minutes)

What if you could take your Python coding skills and use it to affect the physical world around you? Circuit Playground boards allow you to do just that, and in this talk you’ll see how you can turn on the lights using the Python you already know.

“🇮🇱 Django URL Pattern Role Authorization System” Yarin Asulin · Talk (20 minutes)

Taking the Django traditional groups and permissions to the next level by adding layer and using an access endpoint pattern approach to provide scalability, flexibility and a wider control of authenticated user's access.

“🇺🇸 Building your own dystopic surveillance state with Python” Adam Kariv · Talk (20 minutes)

Always wanted to have your own surveillance state but didn't know where to start?

In this talk we'll cover the first steps on doing face detection and recognition - in Python!

“🇺🇸 Panel: Python Strategy” Sim Zacks · Keynote (50 minutes)

In this panel, we will ask industry leaders about their python strategy and usage patterns

“🇺🇸 Keynote: Yam Peleg” Yam Peleg · Keynote (50 minutes)