PyCon Israel 2022

Gabriel Manor-Liechtman


Technical Leader @ Jit CTO Office

Gabriel is a senior full-stack developer with a favorite kid named Frontend.

For over ten years now, he's enjoyed writing clean code, simplifying complex problems, leading feature development, and influencing innovation every day.

When I’m not busy with code, you’ll find him talking about application performance, building confidence in code-bases, product architecture, developing organizational culture, and other nerdy dev stuff.

Besides all that, he's a father of two, a hobbyist photographer, restless traveler, and food creator.


🇮🇱 Hidden Hacks in Linters for Better & More Secure Code

Linters are a great tool that enable developers to create static analysis rules for their code base, and the most popular one in the Python ecosystem is Pylint - and this talk will walk through some of its advanced features