PyCon Israel 2022

Hila Weisman-Zohar

Hila has been processing, analyzing, and generating algorithms for the past decade. After earning her masters (summa cum laude) at BIU NLP lab and publishing at elite academic venues such as EMNLP, she began to research & develop algorithms that analyze call center calls as a senior researcher at NICE. She published 4 US patents and presented academic posters at various venues during that time. For the past two years, she has worked as DS Guild Master & algorithm engineer at Outbrain, where she works on large-scale super-fast algorithms for the native ads field. Hila also loves to teach and share her experience and has talked at various meetups and conferences

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🇮🇱 Computer Vision for The Poor: How to easily reduce Deep Computer Vision to shallow NLP

Being able to classify images is at the heart of many recommender systems. In this talk, we will share a simple trick to make the task of building an image classifier as easy as building a standard text classifier.