PyCon Israel 2022

Liron Faybish (Ben-Kimon)

I'm a Data Scientist at PayPal for almost 5 years. I work for the enterprise threat management team in the information security organization. My focus is finding machine learning solutions for information security problems in general and specifically for insider frauds threats.

I hold a Msc in software and information systems engineering. In my thesis I researched the field of user verification on mobile devices using sequences of touch gestures. The full paper of this thesis was published at PAKDD 2018 conference, and also I published an extended abstract of this research in UMAP 2017 conference.

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🇺🇸 Detecting anomalous sequences using text processing methods

Hello wait you talk see to can’t my!
Sounds weird? Detecting abnormal sequences is a common problem.
Join my talk to see how this problem involves Bert, Word2vec & Autoencoders (in python), and how you can apply it to information security problems