PyCon Israel 2022

Call For Papers

PyCon Israel is happening on June 28-29! And this year we aim to have a Physical event at Wohl Center, Bar Ilan.

This event will be attended by hundreds of Pythonistas and sponsored by major international and local companies that use Python in their day-to-day business.

In order to make sure that this conference totally rocks, we need your participation. If you are working on something that you think is awesome and want to share it with others in the Python community, then we invite you to talk about it with some of the best minds in the industry.

Covid 19

This conference shall abide by the guidelines of the Israel Health Ministry in regards to Covid-19 attendance requirements.

Important Dates

  • 30-April-2022: Submission deadline
  • 29-May-2022: Decision (including standby list)
  • 28+29-June-2022: PyCon Israel Conference (2 days)

Good submissions

From past experience, PyCon attendees like to hear about practical examples that they can use in their daily life. All talks should show code snippets at least (though keep in mind that the font has to be large enough).

Submit a talk if there are technical hurdles you’ve overcome, technologies you’ve utilized in a new or exciting matter, great improvements that you’ve made, fun libraries and tools you’ve open sourced, or anything you’re excited about.
KEEP IN MIND the perspective of the audience when you write your abstract. For example, if you started a new open source project, try to write about the problem you are solving instead of the project itself.

Please try to answer the question: What will the attendees take away from this talk?

Once the conference is over we’ll publish all the talks on our YouTube channel. We do this for the benefit of the larger Python community and those who can’t attend the live conference. For this reason you will see an agreement before submitting this form, allowing us to publish the recordings under Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY) license.


While any Python talk will be considered, the following topics are suggestions as to what the selection committee is looking for:

  • Python and cloud technologies
  • DB, Big Data, Data Science, AI/ML
  • Tips / Tricks; Python black magic, new features
  • PySecurity
  • Educational usage
  • Hacking, Security, Cyber
  • Interesting implementations, integration / embedding into other tools or products
  • Frameworks / Platforms, web, new or upcoming projects
  • Python and containers
  • QA / QE, Automation, CI, DevOps
  • Documentation
  • Community / Open-Source talks related to Python
  • Python in Israel
  • Web3.0/NFT/Crypto Currencies

Language for Talks

From past experience, due to considerations of accessibility of the video recordings and for guests from abroad, we expect most of the talks to be in English. However, since PyCon IL is hosted in Israel and PyCon has traditionally always been very open to the local Python communities, we also accept talk proposals in Hebrew, and will consider setting up a Hebrew track if a sufficient number of Hebrew talks are accepted.

The talk submission form lets you choose the preferred language you want to give the talk in. Please submit the talk title and abstract in your preferred language.

Inappropriate Language and Imagery

Please consider that PyCon Israel is a conference with an audience from varying cultural backgrounds. What might be considered a "funny, inoffensive joke" in some group might be really offensive in another. If you want to add humour, references and images to your talk, avoid any choice that might be offensive to a group which is different from yours, and pay attention to our Code of Conduct located in:

Questions? Contacts?

If you have any questions email [email protected].

This Call for Papers closed on 2022-04-30 23:59 (Asia/Jerusalem).