Pycon Israel 2021

Python monorepos: what, why and how
2021-05-03, 16:00–16:25, General Track 1

This talk will describe the monorepo codebase architecture, explain why you might want to use it for your Python code, and what kind of tooling you need to work effectively in it.

As organizations and repos grow, we have to choose how to manage codebases in a scalable way. We have two architectural alternatives:

  • Multirepo: split the codebase into increasing numbers of small repos, along team or project boundaries.
  • Monorepo: Maintain one large repository containing code for many projects and libraries, with multiple teams collaborating across it.

In this talk we'll discuss the pros and cons of monorepos for Python codebases, and the kinds of tooling and processes we can use to make working in a Python monorepo effective.

Session language – English Target audience – Developers, Data Scientists, R&D, Managers