Pycon Israel 2021

Application State Management
2021-05-02, 11:00–11:25, General Track 1

JupyterLab does not have state management as do other commonly used frontend frameworks. This is needed to create multi-page applications with connected forms and shared data. We solved this by developing a a custom solution, which we will present.

We implemented a multi-pages python application over JupyterLab in order to utilize Jupyter’s data visualization and UI capabilities. Our application requires the various pages to be aware of each other's data and get updates when it’s changed. We could not find a simple package for state management in python as other commonly used front-end frameworks have. Therefore, we implemented a simple state management package.

Our state has a dictionary interface, which enables the application pages to: * insert keys with any type of data, * register actions to change these keys * register to receive updates when a specific key is changed

We will share our state management code and show live code examples of how to use it in python applications.

Session language – English Target audience – Developers, R&D