Pycon Israel 2021

Geographic Data - an Introductory Tale
05-03, 11:00–11:25 (Asia/Jerusalem), General Track 2

An introduction to Geographic Data, some of its basic concepts and common Python tools for working with it.

At some point in life there might come a time where you might need to work with geographic data.
Instead of waiting in dread for that day, it's best to be prepared!

In my talk I'll explain a bit about geo-data types, formats and concepts, and existing Python tools to easily work with it - all while working through a fun and quirky sample case that we'll solve together.

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Target audience

Developers, Data Scientists

Adam Kariv is an open data consultant and activist. He has over 25 years of experience in developing, designing and managing software projects, from open-source data-wrangling libraries to enterprise-scale, mission-critical systems developed by over 20 engineers.
He is the founder of the Public Knowledge Workshop (‘Hasadna’), an Israeli NGO working to make government data more accessible, and has extensive experience working with government agencies to build better tools for publishing data.
Former professional titles include Engineering Lead at the international Open Knowledge Foundation (OKF) and Senior Engineer at the data management company Datopian.