Pycon Israel 2021

Python’s Frontend - Not what you would think
2021-05-02, 14:30–14:55, General Track 1

Most programmers consider Python as a scripting or a server side language totally unsuitable for UI . In Imubit we decided to use Jupyter Lab in order to combine Python's powerful server side abilities with a beautiful UI.

While Jupyter is widely used for big data or data science, we decided to use it to easily develop a streamlined work process for our engineers. With just a small amount of effort, we were able to create beautiful, easy to use Python user facing applications for non-technical users.
We will start by describing Jupyter Lab Extensions, then we will get a glimpse of some of Python’s frontend packages (Ipywidgets, panel, Ipyaggrid etc.), and learn how to use them and expand them with our own custom logic.

Session language – English Target audience – Developers