Pycon Israel 2021

Liberate your API: Building a task manager inside Sanic
05-03, 10:00–10:25 (Asia/Jerusalem), General Track 2

An inside look at some of the tools inside Sanic to help build a background task manager.

You are building an API when, inevitably, you realize that certain requests are super slow to respond. It dawns on you that you really need to push some work off to a background process. How should you do it?

We will explore some of the tools that exist inside the Sanic framework that will enable us to do just this. From the simple task, to complex multi-node cluster: we will look at different strategies to determine the most appropriate tool for the job. Think celery, except entirely within Sanic.

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class Adam:

    def __init__(self): = PacketFabric("Lead Sr. Software Engineer")
        self.oss = Sanic("Core Maintainer")
        self.home = Israel("Negev")

    async def run(self, inputs: Union[Pretzels, Coffee]) -> None:
        while True:

    def sleep(self):
        raise NotImplementedError