»Python Project Productionization«
2019-06-03, 11:00–11:40, Main Hall

Most projects have a point where they become a product, python projects are no different. Productionization of python projects starts with the first file in the repository, this talk will try to go through the process.

Contrary to the Zen of Python, python projects don't have one obvious way of Productionization, but for a specific use, there should be one preferred way.

This talk will try to cover main topics in a Python project life-cycle as they relate to Productionization:

  • Base project structure
  • Environment awareness vs. agnosticism
  • Packaging formats
  • Versioning practices (PEP440 vs. SemVer 2.0.0)
  • CI practices
  • Public and Private distributions
  • Dependency managers
  • Some nit-picking and niche issues