»Serverless orchestration of async serverless workers in the cloud«
2019-06-04, 12:00–12:25, Main Hall

Challenges and architectural solutions for mass usage of async FaaS workers.

Demand for "Function as a Service" expertise is quickly growing among Python developers. This talk is addressed to the architects and developers working with anywhere from 1000 to 1 million+ daily invocations of Functions. One of the hardest challenges while using FaaS-based workers is orchestration:

  • Chunk business jobs to thousands (or millions) of tasks for workers
  • How many workers shall we invoke at a specific moment?
  • Track the status of each invocation
  • Retry / alert failed invocations
  • Monitor collateral damage and side-effects (DB, queues, etc)
  • Build dependencies of workers and chain workflows

In this talk we are going to discover even more challenges and discuss how to solve them using Python in the AWS cloud.

In the last part of the talk there is an introduction of the sosw orchestration package with a fast-forwarded demo. The package is now Open Source and open for contributions.

We assume general familiarity of the attendees with FaaS concepts.