»Decentralizing the cloud with Project Aleph (decentralized applications framework, aka "Look ma, no -centralized- cloud!")«
2019-06-04, 16:00–16:25, Hall 3

Our web is a world of silos, we need to decentralize that! Let's try to make it simple, and without the drawbacks normally associated with blockchain dApps. In python, of course.

I started working on decentralized applications projects and didn't really find my way as a pythonista there. Plus, blockchains are slow, clunky... What if we used AsyncIO and latest python stuff to upgrade this?

I'll present Aleph.im, a layer-2 network (complicated words for something simple!) made in Python, and how to make a simple decentralized app using it.

Features of applications made with Aleph.im:

  • Elliptic curve identity and message signing
  • Free and instant actions
  • No server needed, the network does that
  • Large data storage (medias, text contents, key-value stores)
  • Virtual machines